Inflation - Part II

...The Cost of Living in Toronto

What if we added the median home price of just detached homes in Toronto? This was tough data to get so I only have data for the start and end dates. Since detached homes, as a group, are generally more expensive than other types of homes I wondered whether the rate of appreciation of a home had to do with its cost. Do more expensive homes appreciate faster? This plot looks at median, detached home prices in different areas of central Toronto. [Read More]

Inflation - Part I

The Cost of Living in Toronto...

I’ve always loved the stories a good plot could tell, so I decided to learn more about data visualization and R. R is a funny name for a handy language that’s designed to deal with data. (Aside: R evolved from S which came from Bell Labs in the 70s which is further evidence that everything was invented in Bell Labs in the 70s.) For a first try, I thought I’d plot a simple time-series of inflation-adjusted prices of things in my city. [Read More]